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Improving our Workforce to Benefit our Community

Historically, Pend Oreille County has had above average unemployment rates, hovering between 11.5% and 13.9%. Recognizing the need to prepare well-trained, educated persons to the local workforce, the Kalispel Tribe, along with community partners have developed the Kalispel Career Training Center (KCTC). KCTC provides youth and adults vocational training needed to acquire living wage jobs in the community. 

It is vital to the Kalispel Tribe that community members are given an opportunity to fulfill dreams and expand their knowledge. KCTC provides vocational training and work-based learning to any community member who wants to increase their skill set in preparation for self-sustaining employment opportunities. Each individual is given the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual while completing projects that better the community in which they live. Through this process they are introduced to area industry leaders both within Tribal Departments and throughout the surrounding areas, making valuable connections to sustain self-supporting employment. KCTC takes great care in helping an individual ignite their passions and challenge themselves to accomplish their goals.

We are committed to increasing our rural skilled workforce and thus enriching our community.

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The Kalispel Community Crew

Community Crew projects are requested by Tribal Departments, local school districts and community partners.  Each project is vetted through Director of Career Training  & Lead Instructor at the Kalispel Career Training Center. Projects are bid on based on time and materials needed to complete.

Based on the type of project, a Lead Instructor will choose which Community Crew Members will work on the project.  In some cases, professionals from the field are brought in to aid in instruction and training.

To date, the Kalispel Community Crew has completed more than  20 projects including work at Kalispel Golf and Country Club, Pend Oreille Skills Center, K-Dev, Crossroads Family Restaurant, KNRD, Kalispel Culture Department, KALTRAN, Town of Cusick and Pend Oreille Youth Emergency Services. 

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Our Staff

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Colene Rubertt Director, Career Training & Mentoring (509) 447-7440