The mission of the Kalispel Tribal Court is to cultivate a Tribal Court System that supports the Kalispel Tribe, its people and resources through nurturing inherent tribal sovereignty, reserved rights, religious, cultural and traditional practices while encouraging individual responsibilities for life choices, and demanding respect for one another and the laws & codes of the Kalispel Tribe.

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Court Calendars



Victim Assistance Services

Cusick Office:
Phone: (509) 447-7155 or (877) 700-7175 (24-hr Hotline)
Airway Heights Office:
Phone (509) 789-7671 or (877) 700-7175 (24-hr Hotline)
Ione Office:
Phone (509) 447-7125 or (877) 700-7175 (24-hr Hotline)

Cathleen Kintner-Christie – Program Director
Lucretia Gill – Program Manager
Angela Bowling - Victim of Crime Therapist
Angie Brown – Victim Advocate (Cusick)
Leslie Graff - Victim Advocate (Cusick)
Riley Holsinger - Victim Advocate (Cusick)
Ruth Payne - DV/SA Advocate (Cusick)
Tarah Pagaling - Human Trafficking Administrative Assistant (Airway Heights)
Ashley Carter - Human Trafficking Advocate (Airway Heights)
Pamela DePriest – Victim Advocate (Airway Heights)
Rebecca David – Victim Advocate (Airway Heights)
Melissa Rogers - Victim Advocate (Airway Heights)
Katy Waid - Legal Advocate (Airway Heights)
Amanda Mazzi – Victim of Crime Administrative Assistant (Ione)
Pollianna Dickenson-Jones - Victim of Crime Advocate (Ione)

Washington State Certified Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment

Vanessa Cameron, LICSW
Phone: (509) 953-5585
Washington State Certified Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment

Pend Oreille Valley CASA Program

Cathleen Kintner-Christie – Program Director
Johnna Fitzmorris - CASA Volunteer Coordinator
Kelsey Keogh - CASA Administrative Assistant

Phone: (509) 445-7150

Juvenile Justice – 2009 OJJDP Tribal Youth Program Grant

Cathleen Kintner-Christie – Program Director
Kristina Gill - Juvenile Justice Coordinator
Phone: (509) 445-7139

Probation Department

Gunnar Watson – Probation Officer/Juvenile Probation Officer
Phone: (509) 447-7172

Tribal Court

Phone: (509) 445-1664
Fax: (509) 445-4039

Legal Resources

Center for Justice
Phone: (509) 835-5211

CLEAR – Northwest Justice Project
Phone: (888) 201-1014

Washington Law Help

Volunteer Lawyers Program (through Spokane County Bar Association)
Phone: (509) 324-0144

Washington State Bar Association Lawyer Directory

Our Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Milton Nomee Traditional Chief Judge
Cathleen Kintner-Christie Court Administrator (509) 447-7128
Jamie Bradley Senior Court Clerk (509) 447-7131
Shalisa Schrader Court Clerk II (509) 447-7129