In order to assure that Tribal children and the children of Tribal employees receive the support that is available to them, the Kalispel Tribe of Indians has partnered with the State of Washington Division of Child Support (DCS) to assist in the enforcement of child support obligations.

The Kalispel Tribe of Indians is a sovereign government and as such has entered into an agreement to authorize certain child support matters to be heard in Kalispel Tribal Court.

If you are a parent required to pay child support, you may arrange to have your obligation met directly by withholding the dollar amount from your paycheck. Payroll deduction is a convenient way for you to comply with your child support obligations and may reduce the risk of unpaid or overdue child support payments that would necessitate other collection activity by DCS.

If you would like to have your child support payments withheld from your payroll check, please complete and sign the Assignment of Earnings – Child Support form attached.

  • Employees of Northern Quest Resort & Casino – Turn the form into Payroll, ATTN: Kim Yunker
  • Employees of Tribal Government – Turn the form into Payroll, ATTN: Marcy Bird-Haws.

Contact Tribal Court, (509) 445-1664, or Division of Child Support, (509) 363-5000, with any questions.

DCS Contact Information

Assignment of Earnings – Child Support Form (DSHS 09-836)

Acknowledgement Of Parentage

Rescission Of Parentage

Denial of Parentage

Affidavit For Correction