knrd fisheries

The Kalispel Natural Resource Department (KNRD) Fisheries Program has a management goal of maintaining healthy subsistence and sport fisheries. The fisheries mission of providing a maintainable fishery that produces as much harvestable biomass as in the past. This will be accomplished by restoring sustainable, naturally producing populations of native fish to support tribal and non-tribal harvest. Restoring cultural and economic practices that protect biological integrity and genetic diversity of the habitat will also be critical.

While recognizing that impacts have irreversibly changed some native ecosystems, we focus on protecting and enhancing the ecosystems that remain. Where native habitats are not available, non-native fish species or non-native stocks will be managed to maximize available habitats to provide a subsistence and recreational sport fishing resource. Non-native species are to be managed in a way that maximizes available habitat conditions and minimizes negative impacts to native species.

The management objective of the KNRD Water Resources Program is to preserve, protect, and, where appropriate, restore aquatic resources in an effort to ensure adequate water quality for all existing and future Tribal water uses. This is accomplished through assessment of current water quality, trends in water quality and taking remedial actions for declining water quality.

Our watershed approach to water quality management also requires coordination with other entities managing and affecting water quality, including non-tribal government agencies, utilities, corporations, other private parties, environmental organizations and the general public. The Water Resources Program implements aquatic resources monitoring, administers a water quality standards program, develops environmental policy and administers a Non-Point Source Pollution Abatement Program that includes an educational and stewardship component.

Please see the following pages for more information regarding the Fisheries and Water Resources Division Projects.