knrd northernpike

Northern pike were detected in Box Canyon Reservoir, Pend Oreille River in a 2004 standardized warm water fish survey . The Kalispel Tribe has documented exponential growth of the population from 400 adults to 5500 adults between 2006-2010 and expansion in range within the reservoir. Northern pike have been documented in Boundary Reservoir and the free flowing Columbia River in Canada, as well as Lake Roosevelt and two lakes in Spokane County. The Tribe and WDFW have developed a standardized protocol to monitor the abundance and population structure of northern pike, as well as assessed pike diet and bioenergetics, age and growth, movement and habitat use, reproductive potential, and angler exploitation.

The following link outlines the Kalispel Tribes perspective on invasive Northern Pike in Washington.

Kalispel Tribe perspective on Northern Pike