General Information (509)
Mike Lithgow Information and Outreach Coordinator
Name Title Email
Deane Osterman Executive Director of Natural Resources
Ray Entz   Director of Wildlife and Terrestrial Resources
Joe Maroney 
Director of Fishery and Water Resources
Annette Breuer  Forester III
Bart George  Wildlife Biologist III
Bob Gilrein
 Forestry Program Manager
Caleb Kristovich 
TFW Biologist I
Charles Littlecrow Fisheries Technician

Cyrus Rosenthal
Fisheries Technician

Dan McMeekan 
Water Resources Specialist III
Darren Reeves Water Quality Technician IV
Eric Berntsen Fisheries Biologist III
Floyd Finley Cultural Resources            Technician III
 Franklin Pope Hatchery Technician
Jason Connor Fisheries Management Program Manager
Jason Olson Fisheries Conservation Program Manager
Jessica Walston    Fisheries Biologist II
Jim Lemieux GIS Administrator
Jim Ward Hatchery Technician
Joel Adams TFW Ecologist II
John Dorwin Project Archaeologist IV
Jolene Seymour  Contract Finance Manager
Joseph Andrews  Wildlife Technician II           
Keith Baldwin Equipment Operator
Ken Merrill Water Resources Project
 Kendra Maroney F&W Program Archaeologist
Kevin Lyons Cultural Resources Program Manager
Louie Andrews 
Fisheries Technician
Lucas Henderson Forestry/Fire Ecologist
Lyle Whitford    Cultural Resources Technician
 Matt Berger Wildlife Project Manager
Nick Bean   Fisheries Biologist III
Raymond Ostlie Fisheries Biologist I
Rob Seymour  Wildlife Technician III  
Rodney Haynes 
Fisheries Technician
Roy Finley              Wildlife Project Manager I
Shane Harvey Fisheries Biologist II
Sonny Finley Wildlife Technician/ Eq. Operator IV
Taj Salmeri Fisheries Technician
Tim Larkoski Forester/Siviculturist II
Tim Rood Fisheries
Todd Andersen Fisheries Biologist III
Todd Baldwin      TFW Biologist III
 Wayne Gould Hatchery Manager
 Zach Welcker Sr. Policy Analyst