Welcome to the Tribal Forest Protection Act Sxʷuytn (Trail) project web page. This page will be used to help disseminate information regarding this project.

We will be taking a field trip on Wednesday Sept. 25th. This will be a great opportunity for members of the public to hear presentations from ID Team members on the current condition of the resources (natural and built) within the project area. Seating on the bus is limited to 15 people and will be on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to drive yourself to the sites, you are more than welcome. The map and agenda for this field trip are below.

Check out the Introduction Letter below and do not hesitate to contact Mike Lithgow at or (509) 447-7435.

TFPA Project Boundary

20180702 Trails Vicinity Map 8X11

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Trail Past Activities Map

20190730 Trail Past Activities 8X11

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Fire History (1889-2015)

20190725 Fire Occurance Revised

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Project Resources

Informational Documents:

-Project Introduction Letter

Informational Websites:

Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources 20-Year Forest Health Strategic Plan:

-20-Year Forest Health Strategic Plan (DNR)

The Forest Service website for this project:

-Sxwuytn-Kaniksu Connections Project

Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources Forest fuel reduction assistance:

-DNR Landowner Assistance programs for fuels reduction

Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources Family/small forest landowner assistance:

-DNR family/small forest landowner assistance

Workshop Documents:

-Recreation Agenda

-Recreation Notes

-Vegetation/Fuels Agenda

-Vegetation/Fuels Notes

-Vegetation/Fuels Presentation

-Aquatics Agenda

-Aquatics Notes

-Aquatics Presentation

-Wildlife Agenda

-Wildlife Notes

-Wildlife Presentation

-Cultural Resources/Sensitive Plants Agenda

-Cultural Resources/Sensitive Plants Notes