Class Descriptions (2016-17)


This coming school year the Cusick Elementary kids will receive approximately 2 hours of language instruction per week. This will be the sixth year of our Elementary Immersion Language program at the Cusick School. This year, the Elementary classes will be held in the elementary building. We are very excited for the upcoming year and look forward to another successful partnership with the Cusick School. If you would like your child to attend the elementary class, you must sign them up. Because this class is outside of the regular scheduling, parent approval is required. Vickie Leach, Yolanda Bowman, and Christina Butler are the lead instructors for the Elementary Immersion Language Classes.


This upcoming school year we are teaching Kalispel I, Kalispel Stories I, and Kalispel II curriculum to the JH/HS students at Cusick. All of our JH/HS classes are taught in the language classroom located in the elementary building. All JH/HS students receive 5 hours of language instruction per week. Vickie Leach, Yolanda Bowman, and Tina Butler are the lead teachers. We will also be having our Kalispel Ambassadors Program. This is where we travel to the local HS's and perform our traditional stories in the language. This is our way of showing other schools that "you can learn your language and learning in fun". The kids enjoy it and so do the teachers.


In October, we will be starting our daytime adult class at the language office in Cusick. This class is designed for community members and employees who have prior approval from their supervisors. It will meet Monday-Thursday from 9-10am. The first day of class was September 19. If you are interested in taking the class please contact JR Bluff or Jessie Isadore. If you work for the Kalispel Tribe, you will need approval from your immediate supervisor. This class will meet for about 9 months and will cover our Kalispel I and Kalispel Stories 1. Vickie Leach, Yolanda Bowman and Tina Butler will be the Instructors.


The K-2 Immersion School is in full swing. The school opened August 31. We currently have 17 kids registered in the school. These students receive 4 hrs of Immersion Instruction in Science, Math, and Reading.  Barry Moses was hired as the Curriculum Expert, Todd Ellingburg was hired as the Certified Elementary Teacher, and Dakota Littlecrow and David Nenema were hired as the Associate Teachers. We are all very excited for this project and the opportunities they will provide. Please stop by and check them out.

Kalispel I Curriculum

Listed below are the first 45 lessons from our Kalispel I curriculum. These lessons were recently updated 8-15. Please click on the links below to access the specific lessons for the Kalispel I lessons. If you want to use the SalishTutor to learn the words you can click here and you will be re-directed to the language software page.

Below are PDFs for the first two levels of the Kalispel Language Curriculum. Please download Adobe Reader to view and print the lessons. 

Kalispel Song Book 1

Kalispel Song Book 2

Kalispel Christmas Songs 1

Kalispel I Listening Program

Listed on this page is the Kalispel Listening program designed for the Kalispel I Curriculum. This program is designed to help the new language learner to comprehend and learn the Kalispel I materials.

Once you have the listening program document printed out, simply click on the mp3 audio link to hear the lesson activity. Good luck.