The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counseling service to help participants with challenges that arise in life. The Kalispel Tribe, through Camas Path Behavioral Health Service provides certain benefits to employees and their family members who need professional help with problems of substance abuse, addiction, domestic or marital problems, as well as other needs. Voluntary efforts to seek such help are confidential. Employees of the Tribe that are also Tribal members, along with employees enrolled at other Tribes may seek assistance. All employees have 3 free visits. Thereafter, the Camas Path services will bill your insurance. Please keep in mind that there are generally co-pays involved in third party insurance billing.

Employers with EAP

Your employer understands that it can be difficult to balance your personal life with your work life. With the increasing pressures and changing influences of society, very few of us get through our adult life without some personal stress. There is concern about the welfare of employees because each is viewed as a valuable asset. Camas Path Employee Assistant Program partners with your company to provide assistance for such problems.


Employees of Northern Quest Resort & Casino and the Kalispel Tribe and their immediate families are eligible for services through this program. Initial services are provided under your employer’s EAP contract. Should you exceed your 3 Free EAP visits, you will be informed of any charges before your incur them. If a client chooses to follow through, he or she is responsible for those costs. The counselors will try and match the employee with a referral that is on their insurance plan.

All services are confidential by federal law. Each person’s privacy will be protected. No personal or treatment information will be released unless the employee signs a release form.

Please call for an appointment.

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