The Tribe’s Department of Planning and Public Works provides direct services to tribal members and the general community. Our primary goal is to improve our community’s overall quality of life. Working in concert with our tribal membership, solutions are developed and implemented to address a variety of needs and opportunities. Some of the services that we provide include the tribe’s housing needs, our transportation network, current and long-range planning functions, the tribes realty program, economic development, grant writing, utility management, facility construction/maintenance, grounds maintenance, and housekeeping services.

What We Do

Public Works coordinates in concert with the Planning department to accomplish the goals and priorities of the Tribe and Tribal Council. This is done through a wide variety of services performed by a staff of up to 24 full-time employees and as many as 15 additional seasonal employees. 

Project and Construction Management

The public works department, working together with the planning department, provides a wide variety of project and construction management services. This can range from contract administration; grant fund administration and reporting, construction management, and project permitting. We provide essential in-house services to tribal government and external services to community members including housing rehabilitation, facilities management, construction cost estimating, and general construction.

Recent Projects

New Wastewater Lagoon Facility (2015-16)

Construction of a lagoon treatment system East of the existing Tribal headquarters facility, on the property commonly referred to as the Mykine’s property. This land was acquired by the Tribe and put into trust in 2012-13. About a mile of sewer force main and two lift stations was constructed to convey the wastewater to the new facility when completed. The existing lagoons were decommissioned after project completion and will be used for other purposes.

Pow Wow Grounds Area

In our ongoing efforts to improve the Pow Wow grounds, two major projects were recently completed.  The inner circle road has been paved and the entire electrical power system for the area has received a major upgrade almost doubling the amount of power available for use.

Houses Gifted to the Tribe in the town of Cusick

Of the five properties recently gifted to the Tribe by the Holder family, two properties are presently being designed and bids for construction being received.  The focus is on high efficiency and environmentally sustainable tribal housing.  We are in the process of acquiring construction bids and construction should start soon.

Crossroads Family Restaurant

The recent acquisition of the crossroads property has seen some major improvements. The newly named and remodeled Crossroads Family Restaurant is open for business.  The water, food quality and selection, interior and exterior have been drastically improved, as well as staffing and service levels.  

Past Projects

NoaNet Fiber Optic Extension

This project involves extension of needed fiberoptic infrastructure from the tribal headquarters facility to the public safety facility. This will provide high-speed internet communication services; a much needed improvement for communications between tribal courts and public safety and general network connectivity speed improvements.

Camas Center for Community Wellness (2007)

This facility was constructed to house a variety of tribal services including a behavioral health clinic, social and medical clinic, dental services, child care facilities, staff offices, pools and athletic facilities, a café, and community event rooms. For additional information about this community asset please visit Camas Center.

Young Peoples Place (YPP) (2010)

Approximately 4000 Square Foot facility for housing assistance for orphaned or displaced tribal children in need of temporary housing. 

Public Safety Building (2009-10)

This 9,000 square foot building is home to the tribal public safety offices, training facilities and equipment (police and fire departments).

In 2013 the buildings membrane roof was replaced due to a warranty failure of the original roof structure. The roof replacement was done using settlement funds negotiated from the original contractor and done at no cost to the Tribe.

Honeysuckle Housing Development (2010)

Construction of infrastructure (roads, power, water, and sewer) to construct tribal housing including the construction of seven homes.

Water System upgrades (2011-12)

Relocated 125,000 gal water tank to provide fire flow and potable water to northern residents of the reservation.

Constructed a new 350,000 gal water tank to provide fire flow and potable water to southern residents and tribal facilities located on the reservation.

Commerce Park Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades (2013)

This project entailed needed upgrades to the existing plants treatment system, including valve replacement, SCADA control upgrades, modification to the plants filtration system and expansion of needed shop space for equipment and parts.

Elder Center (2014-15)

New construction of an approximate 3500 Square Foot building for use by Tribal Elders. It consists of a wide variety of spaces including craft room, great room for events, commercial grade kitchen, work out facilities, and a prayer room. In addition, parking was constructed and water and sewer improvements to the Community Building, Language Center, and Grounds maintenance facilities were completed at the same time. 

Community Center Kitchen Remodel (2014)

Construction of a new kitchen area for the community center. It will include new electrical, cabinets, counter tops, flooring and appliances.

Kalispel Rest Area (2012-14)

Construction of a 1800 Square Foot building housing public restrooms, and cultural information and artifacts. Areas constructed around the facility include picnic areas, canopy areas for vendor fairs, and general and large truck parking. The restroom facilities are open 24 hours a day.

If you have any questions regarding Tribal projects please feel free to contact Tell Hamilton, at (509) 447-8132. Project information contained on this website will be periodically updated to keep you informed.

Water and Wastewater System Management

Provide 24/7 management of the Tribes water and wastewater systems serving approximately 70 households and all tribal facilities. This includes facilities located throughout the reservation and within Commerce Park in Cusick. This is done through efforts of the Tribes Public Works Director and three (3) full-time employees.

Wastewater System

The Tribes primary wastewater system consists of a two-cell lagoon system for storage and tertiary treatment, and a Bluewater treatment system for wastewater treatment before it is land applied as irrigation. The quality of the water discharged via the irrigation system meets or exceeds all environmental regulatory standards for water quality. The wastewater is conveyed to the facility through about 0.5 miles of sewer main serving the Honeysuckle neighborhood and the adjacent Tribal facilities (i.e. Community Center, Tribal Headquarters, Camas Center, etc.)

A second treatment facility is located in Commerce Park in Cusick. It consists of an anaerobic digester plant that is sized for future full buildout of the commercial park and was just recently upgraded. It requires 24/7 monitoring and regular preventative maintenance to stay operable. Treated wastewater is discharged to an adjacent surface lagoon.

Tribal utility employees also provide septic tank pumping services for Tribal homes not directly connected to the conveyance system and technical support pertaining to wastewater issues or problems.

For additional information about our wastewater system and its operations, or to report a problem, please feel free to contact Chad Bedlington, PW Director at (509) 447-8132, or Som Piengkham, Utilities Supervisor at (509) 447-7297.

Water System

The Tribes water source is the Pend O’Reille River and is treated and conveyed to our system by the City of Cusick. Regular testing of the water is conducted by Tribal employees and the City of Cusick to make sure the water quality is to the highest standards and is safe for all our customers.

The system consists of about 12 miles of water main serving Tribal residents and facilities, two reservoirs, one booster pump station, and a variety of appurtenances including hydrants, valves, and water meters.

For additional information about our water system and its operations, or to report a problem, please feel free to contact Chad Bedlington, PW Director at (509) 447-8132, or Som Pienkham, Utilities Supervisor at (509) 447-7297.

Other General Services

  • Engineering and Planning
  • Pavement Management
  • Coordination with Federal, State and County agencies
  • Emergency Response Planning


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