The Kalispel Tribal Public Safety Department provides police, fire and medical services to Kalispel Tribal members and the surrounding community.

All members of the Kalispel Tribal Public Safety Department will continue to provide professional law enforcement, fire fighting, and emergency medical services to all members of the Kalispel Community and our neighbors. We encourage you to join our team, The First Line of Defense, against those persons, elements and accidents that may want to harm us or our property.

The Public Safety Building is for fire, police and paramedics to serve the reservation and the communities of Usk and Cusick. The Tribe works in conjunction with other fire and police services in the area. The Tribe has also donated a police vehicle to a surrounding fire district.


Location Address Phone
Tribal Public Safety Department
3292 N. Leclerc Rd
Cusick, WA 99119
(509) 445-1785
(509) 447-7287

Our Staff

Name Title Email Phone
James S. Wynecoop Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police (509) 447-1785
Corrie Johnson Fire Chief (509) 447-7246
Ken Peralta Assistant Fire Chief (509) 447-7217
Jakob Fox Fire Captain (509) 447-7217
Tom Ling Operations Specialist (509) 447-7287