The Tribal Care Licensing program is a foster care program designed to help license homes for the Kalispel Tribe's children in need of care as well as provide respite services when needed. The primary goal is to establish a network of foster homes to provide care on or around the Kalispel Indian Reservation and the greater Spokane area.

The Kalispel Child Placing Agency (KCPA) is the licensing agency for foster homes and group care facilities as well as early childhood centers. Our main objective is to provide safe and nurturing homes for every child placed in care while ensuring access to community-based, culturally appropriate services help them grow up safe, healthy, and spiritually strong - free from abuse, neglect, sexual exploitation and damaging effects of substance abuse. We work with both native and non-native providers that are willing to foster this connection. If you need an application or would like more information, please contact our office.

Our Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Alexandra Desautel Health Care Administrator (509) 789-7630
(509) 789-7659
Bobby Richmond
Tribal Care Licensor (509) 789-7630
(509) 789-7675