Kalispel Tribe of Indians



Our Land

Past, Present, and Future

In 1992, the Kalispel Tribe of Indians developed a mission statement to reflect the Tribe's belief in positive growth and development of the community as a whole. The statement reflects our desire to promote a bright future that respects traditions, recognizes the power of education, provides a nurturing environment for our children and aims for success through current and future enterprises.

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Our Culture

Welcome to the Kalispel Cultural Program. Here you will find the "tracks from the past" in the form of pictures, manuscripts, stories, maps, etc. Our goal is to pass on these items to our children and the Kalispel community. Understanding our past and remembering our connections to the land and our neighbors is vital to our future. We continue to partner with our native and non-native neighbors to better understand and appreciate the ways of our ancestors.

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Kalispel Tribe of Indians

The life of a Kalispel is founded on being humble, generous and committed to community. This is the heart of who we are.Our ancient traditions teach us to be grateful and respect what we receive from the land and from those who share it with us. We are pleased to share our homeland with you, along with our strength, spirit and commitment to a better future.

Kalispel Powwow, 2016

Belonging to the Kalispel family means being part of a movement towards the commitment to respect, resiliency and relationships. We are all part of what it means to be Kalispel.

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People's Place

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Tribal News

Noxious Weed Management Part 2

To help control noxious weeds KNRD implements the following control methods: cultural, mechanical/physical, biological, and chemical.  KNRD also conducts education and outreach activities and supports...

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Remember the Water Canoe Paddle

Kalispel Tribal Member Nathan Piengkham organized a three-day, 51-mile journey that began at Sandpoint City Beach and ended at the Kalispel Pow Wow Grounds August...

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Charitable Fund

The Tribe focuses its charitable giving in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Arts & Culture
  • Social Services
  • Environment Conservation

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