Blackjack Dealer Training Program

Steps to Take to Get Into Casino Training Programs

  1. Application: For an on-line application go to, or come to the Kalispel Tribal Human Resources Department; located behind the actual Casino in far North-West corner or the parking lot. Fill out the application completely, and then submit your application.
  2. Basic Math Test: The next step would be to take the basic math test that is required to be accepted into our Casino Training Program. This test is a maximum of 20 minutes, and can either be taken when you turn in the application or closer to the date of the Casino Training Program. To pass the test you must score an 80% or higher, if for some reason you do not pass you will have the opportunity to re-take the test one more time before the next available session. You may look at the questions you missed, you may not take a printout of the test home. You must also wait one business day to come and re-take the test.
  3. Interview: Once you have passed the Basic Math Test with an 80% or higher you will then be eligible for an interview. We generally hold interviews during the two months prior to the Casino Training Program. After passing the test you will receive a phone call to set up an interview. You will then need to show up at your scheduled time dressed appropriately. If for some reason you cannot make it to the interview, please call ahead of time and let us know so that we can try and re-schedule.
  4. Acceptance/Non-Acceptance: If the applicant is selected for, or not accepted, they will receive an email at the end of the interviewing process when the classes have been decided.

Please contact Human Resources for information on the next available class, or apply online. All applications will be held until the next class is scheduled and each applicant will be contacted directly.

For more information contact:
Jennifer Nortz