Community Forest Detailed Implementation Strategy Development

With the help of the National Parks Service, the Kalispel Tribe and our community partners are working to develop a detailed implementation strategy for the Indian Creek Community Forest. Using the original Community Forest Plan as a baseline, we will work as team to develop priorities that reflect our community.  During this process we will utilize this webpage as a repository for:

  • Draft Documents
  • Meeting Notes
  • Meeting Agendas
  • and Other Appropriate Information

If you are interested in participating in this planning process contact Mike Lithgow (Information and Outreach Coordinator for the Kalispel Tribe - 509-447-7435 -

Next Meeting (Field Trip to Dishman Hills) 05-30-2018

Community Workshop Thursday May 31st

Indian Creek Workshop Flyer 5X8

Thursday May 31st 

Attend One of These Two Sessions:

12:30-3:30pm or 5:30-8:30pm